Sirius Digital Case Management Platform

The Sirius Digital Case Management Platform is an easily customisable Software-as-a-Service offer. It has been developed based on the needs and requirements of social case management organisations. Its goal is to help the case managers by providing digital tools to improve the case management workflows and ultimately provide better support to their clients.

Easy to use mobile solution with the case manager and client needs at its heart

Developed together with social case management organisations utilising modern programming languages and design patterns.

Digital Case Files

Fully customisable based on your needs and processes

  • Client profile, sections, fields and default data
  • Minutes and appointment documentation
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Document upload and sharing
  • Assigning clients to projects
  • Outlook or Google Calendar integration
  • Real time statistical data
  • Client can participate on the platform after invitation

Roles and Organisation framework

Different roles can have different permissions and separate organisations can have different views and sharing scopes.

GDPR Compliance

Our solution is fully GDPR compliant and transparent for the client, with encrpyted data transfer and hosted in Europe.

Please contact us at or give us a ring at +49 30 5884-9039 for a demo and access to our test system.